Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Its coming to an end!

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Very best wishes to you all. You deserve your target grades (or higher). Thank you! Hope to see many (most?) of you in AS Geography! Don't forget the Revision Breakfast on June 4th (from 7.30). We provide the breakfast! Mrs J

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Paper One Case Studies.....again!

These are the specific named examples that you need to know for Paper One
........Physical World = none!
Human World = Leeds & Rio de Janerio.
Economic World the agriculture case studies are Bradley Farm, as an example of agricultural change within the EEC and of course, Intensive Rice Farming in South East Asia! For the industrial location examples we studied the M4 corridor (with Swindon in detail) & Dyson. Natural World: Deforeststion in Paupa New Guiniea.

Look at the specific blog posts on all of these to help with learning these case studies.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Growth of a tourist resort: Aspects of theory

Not my work! Covers the stuff on the growth of a tourist resort really well! Thanks Rich!

More information on Yosemite

Look at this CNN report for some of the issues. The Barcelona Field Study centre site is also worth a look. The Yosemite Falls project gives details of a specific scheme & includes impact details that can be easily summarised.

Kashmir Earthquake

Need to know: Cause of the quake, short & Long term impact, short & long term management strategies & issues

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

What do you need to know? Ayia Napa

The impact that tourism has had on people and their environment in an MEDC Ayia Napa, Cyprus

• Located on the south coast, in Greek territory, near the dividing line with the Turkish section of Cyprus.
• Tourist numbers have risen steeply – from 47,000 in 1975 to 2.25 millions in 2000
• In 1988 tourist income estimates at £880 millions
• Cyprus Tourist Office has encouraged this growth, including resorts becoming specialist – Ayia Napa is a young person’s resort
• Climate here is 30 deg C in August with just 10mm of rain, in January 17 deg. C & 75mm of rain
• Ayia Napa is a purpose-built resort, catering for young people
• Nearby waterpark opened 1996
• Nearby marine park – swimming with dolphins
• Local historical and archaeological features
• Tourism in Cyprus provides 20% of GDP (income) and employs 40,000 people.
• In winter hotel occupancy is down to 30%, so the CTO is trying to promote the island for all seasons
• Local people have moved away from the noise and bad behaviour to a site at the top of the hill – leaving their home village to the tourists
• Massive building programmes have changed the nature of the area and put a strain on services, such as sewage and electricity
• Developments have threatened beach turtle habitats and they have moved away
• CTO trying to market island for agro-tourism (sustainable), golfing. Conference and business destinations, upmarket resorts and are building marinas

Sustainable Tourism in Yosemite

Another Managing Tourism Case Study looking at sustainable tourism in the Yosemite National Park, USA.

Mountain Tourism

The slideshow will outline the knowledge & understanding required for the Nepal Mountain Tourism case study as part of the Managing Tourism section of paper 2.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Mountain Tourism

Complete this question (8 marks)
For a mountain area in an LEDC that you have studied (name it)
Describe the physical & human attractions that led to the development of tourism
Explain the effects of the growth of tourism on different groups of people in the area.

Managing Tourism

Click here to take survey to assess the progress that you are making in your revision of the 'Managing Tourism' section of Paper 2. This is usually question three. The alternative is 'Managing Urban Areas' which you should NOT attempt!!!!!

Must have a map!