Monday, 17 March 2008

Coastal Management

The specification mentions the following:
Coastal management issues – coastal erosion and tourism. The social, environmental and
political problems caused by coastal erosion and tourism e.g. cliff collapse, coastal flooding, problems of resorts. It states that students should be aware of small scale exemplars of coastal areas where management issues occur. Such examples may include the Holderness coast (erosion), a Spanish resort and Bangladesh (coastal flooding). This includes the problems caused and their impact on different groups such as locals, governments and visitors.

You also need to know about the strategies used to solve problems such as coastal defences e.g. groynes, sea walls, extending the tourist season and providing new facilities. The different values and attitudes of interested groups to coastal protection strategies and tourist developments and which strategies constitute sustainable development.

Cause & Effect of Coastal Erosion

Follow this link to produce a stunning summary diagram of the cause & effect of coastal erosion.
Play (yes play!) the match up waves game to test your understanding of the work you did last lesson.
This website gives a good overview of the understanding that you need for the physical geography aspect of the coasts topic.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Start 'Coasts' (without me)

This is the first part of the specification:

Constructive and destructive waves. Processes of erosion (hydraulic power, corrosion, corrasion; attrition; transport (traction, saltation, suspension, solution, longshore drift) and deposition. Landforms and characteristic features and formation of wave cut platforms, cliffs, caves, arches,
stacks, beaches, spits in the context of an example of an erosional coastline and a depositional coastline.

MOST of this should be familier from work in Year 8

Use your text book to complete notes on Constructive & Destructive Waves & the processes of erosion. Use text book and/or and/or this website. Record your notes into your exercise books. Include diagrams!!!!

HOMEWORK: Listen to the podcast on this site if you haven't been able to do so in class. Do podcasts help you learn? Could you record your own? Great for audio/kinesthetic learners.
I took this photo last summer in the Scottish Hebrides!

Monday, 10 March 2008

First student video!

This is an awesome video Dom! See me tommorow - I think a Headteachers stamp is inorder, don't be content with publication on the worldwide web! There are a couple of 'tippos' but they don't detract from the video. This is a great way to revise! (This has taken an hour to download onto blogger!)

Must have a map!