Sunday, 15 May 2011

Revision sessions

Thursday 19th May
Wednesday 25th May
Tuesday 7th June

Hostile World:
Thursday 16th June

ALL are 3.30 until 4.30, rm 2

People re-taking Coasts are VERY STRONGLY recommended to attend as many sessions as possible!!!!!

Tropical Storm Case Studies

The wonderful Hurricane Song is here! Factually all correct, even if it does hurt your ears!
Hurricane Mitch -hit Central America & created killer landslides. Very heavy rainfall. Check here for more details.

Essential information on Hurricane Katrina can be found here
Hurricane Andrew was only the third category 5 Hurricane to make landfall in the USA & most of its damage was caused by the wind, making an interesting contrast with the other two tropical storms included here. This site gives a good overview of the behaviour & impact of the storm. Make suitable notes to enable you to make comparisons with Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Mitch & Hurricane Hanna (the one in the text book).

Must have a map!