Sunday, 29 August 2010

Another year, another group, another specification!

Welcome to my new Year 10 group! You have made a great choice in opting to study Geography at GCSE! The course is AQA specification B. The first module is called 'The Coastal Environment' and we will be working to your first module exam on Thursday January 20th 2011! Don't plan to have flu, be on holiday or anything else on this day or in the week or so leading up to it!

The work that you did as part of your GCSE Humanities course will be a great foundation but don't worry, we will not just be going over old stuff, there is loads of great new Geography to uncover & learn. This blog is your online support (and 24/7 prompt & nag, if needed!) so call back often. You will be able to download copies of most of the material I use in class from here. Most of the documents will be saved as Google documents or similar (whatever gets through LLN filters at the moment!). Just follow the hyperlinks. Links are included to web sites as well, such as the one above to the AQA specification document on the AQA website.

Some posts will be for GCSE Humanities (year 8 & 9) but just ignore them if you like - it will be obvious, although up to date news items on stuff such as Hurricanes or Volcanic eruptions are relevant & should be of interest to all Geographers.
Mrs J.

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