Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rivers Revision quiz

-from Wednesday's lesson. 'Traffic Light' your learning

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Preparing to revise Tectonics!

Tectonic Activity: This is what the specification includes! 'Traffic Light' your learning!

The Earth’s crust is unstable and creates hazards.
Global distribution of continental plates.
Tensional and compressional margins.
The processes of plate movements should be understood and their role in the formation of fold mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. Include characteristic features and formation of fold mountains, earthquakes (focus, epicentre) and volcanoes (composite and shield volcanoes).

Occurrence and measurement of earthquakes.

The interaction between people and the environments and hazards created by tectonic activity.
Description and explanation of human activity in one range of young fold mountains.
Study of one range of fold mountains e.g. tourism, farming, and HEP in the Alps or Rockies.
Case study of effects and responses to a volcanic eruption and an earthquake to include primary and secondary effects and the short medium and long term responses.
Two case studies are required, a volcanic eruption e.g. Montserrat and an earthquake eg. Kobe. Study to include the short, medium and long term responses of different interest groups e.g. local and national government, aid agencies etc.
Settlement issues in areas of tectonic activity – the advantages and disadvantages of settlement in areas of tectonic activity. Students should appreciate that areas affected by tectonic activity present both advantages and disadvantages for settlement e.g. the threat of a volcanic eruption versus the fertile soils for farming as on the slopes of Mount Etna or the threat of avalanches and difficulty of communications versus the valuable minerals able to be mined in the Andes mountains.

Variations in the effects of and responses to tectonic activity between rural and urban areas, and between MEDCs and LEDCs. A consideration of the values and attitudes of different interest groups.
Choice of earlier case studies from both an MEDC and LEDC will make it easier for students to appreciate these variations. Consideration may be given to differences in population densities, building materials, availability of emergency services, quality of communication networks, relative wealth etc. Values and attitudes to tectonic activity may include the unwillingness of some people to accept the hazard or the need to use the fertile soils through to those who would advise abandonment of areas prone to tectonic activity.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Year 8: Land Use in Leeds

-sorry Year 11, this isn't for you!

These are the transects:
Transect One: Along the A58 from Wetherby via Collingham, Bardsey, Slaid Hill,Easterly Road area, Harehills to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Two: Along A64 (York Road) from the A1 (Bramham crossroads), via Seacroft, Cross Gates, Killingbeck, Burmantofts to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Three:From Harewood, along the A61, Alwoodly, Moor Allerton, Chapel Allerton, Chapletown to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Four: From Bramhope, along A669, via Adel, Weetwood and Headingley to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Five: From Menston, along A65, via Guiseley, Horseforth and Kirkstall to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Six: From Stanningley, via Pudsey, then A645 to Wortley & Armley to Leeds City Centre.
Transect Seven: A6110 from Morley via Churwell and Beeston to Leeds City centre
Transect Eight: A639 from Oulton via Hunslet to Leeds City Centre.

For your transect produce a series of PowerPoint slides. Each slide should be a 'collage' of pictures, call outs, adverts ........ showing the land use of a location along the route. The call outs may contain some facts & figures. Adverts could include adverts for shops in the location. The pictures should represent a range of land use including roads, parks, houses & industries as well as shops and services. You may wish to add text in the form of newspaper headlines.

The following websites may be useful (in addition to 'googling' the place name -add 'Leeds' after the name):
Yorkshire Post
Wetherby News
Up my street
Leeds City Council
BBC Where I live -Leeds
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Must have a map!