Sunday, 25 November 2007

An animated glacier

Best website yet!


Thursday, 22 November 2007

How glaciers form and flow

The text book doesn't cover this aspect in any detail. Read & summarise.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Exercise in Corrie Appreciation!

Complete for next lesson.

Click on this link to watch 'Ice' based on Bill Bryson's work from the 'History of Nearly Everything'. You can watch it direct or download it but be warned, It is a very long download. It is interesting & in my opinion, well worth watching.

All Iced Up: Glaciation

This is what the spec. states for the required learning:
Freeze thaw and the processes of erosion – abrasion and plucking. The characteristics and formation of corries, aretes, pyramidal peaks, glacial troughs, ribbon lakes, hanging valleys, truncated spurs, boulder clay/till, moraines and drumlins.

Recognise and describe glacial features on Ordnance Survey maps and photographs The human uses of an upland glaciated area to include farming, forestry and tourism. The social, environmental and political issues currently affecting upland glaciated areas and the management strategies for contemporary issues re conservation and sustainability e.g. grants for conservation, Stewardship schemes, repair and maintenance of footpaths, eco-friendly new developments as examples of contemporary solutions. The conflicts that arise out of the values and attitudes of different interest groups in upland glaciated areas.

One case study e.g. the Lake District, Alps, Rockies, Himalayas is advised to enable students to describe and explain the human uses of the landscape in upland glaciated areas.

Great stuff!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Energy Consumption and Pollution

This is the powerpoint from today's lesson -looks a little different as I have used a different 'host' for the document. Scroll down the sidebar to view.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Year 8 GCSE Humanities groups

This blog has been running really successfully for nearly a year. The blog has had a very specific aim, that is to support my GCSE Geography groups. The posts either include material used in the lesson so that students can have another look at them & possibly make their own copies for revision purposes or they support additional work to be undertaken by the students. Some of the posts will be of use to Year 8 students, especially those with high target grades & I will label such posts for Year 8 as well as Year 11. In addition I have created a special 'sidebar' for links to materials that are useful/ important just for Year 8 so that they will be easy for you to find. You will be told if material is on the blog. It would have been great to do a blog just for you but..... there ARE only 24 hours in my days!!!!!

Knabs Ridge Windfarm

What are the arguments for and against windpower? The first three turbines from the controvisal Knabs Ridge windfarm, just to the west of Harrogate are now clearly visable & a little photo shoot by Mrs J on Saturday shows you what it looks like. The Powerpoint looks at the issues surrounding the windfarm & forms the basis of the lesson. Look up other proposed windfarms, such as the offshore windfarm proposed at Redcar, close to the River Tees estuary or the huge Isle of Lewis windfarm in the Scottish Islands, as well as the Hook Moor windfarm near Wetherby.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Learning Targets

Choose at least two 'Learning Targets' based from this list of 'Knowledge and Understanding' objectives:
Use geographically terminology correctly
Explain key ideas in detail (within an extended piece of writing)
Explain key ideas, justifying a point of view
Describe and explain key ideas
Make effective use of case studies

You may make the target more specific where it is appropriate (e.g. ..... when answering data type questions) or Rivers....

You may express targets in your own words.

You may identify one additional 'organisational' target if appropriate.

Enter them in your planner (around p 20???)

You will be expected to complete a more detailed PDSA exercise in the lesson. The hyperlink will take you back to an earlier post on this. It is vital that you consider WHAT you are going to do to meet the target set! 'Try harder' doesn't promote change!

Tidal surge 'poses grave danger'.

Follow the news as a tidal surge threatens to flood parts of Eastern England.

Follow this link to the BBC news site.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

New Learning!

Well done to all of you for meeting the coursework deadline! Work now begins on the second part of the 'Managing Resources' unit!

The deadline for the leaflet (ILA task) is Wednesday.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Managing Energy Resources

You already have the 'Learning outline' for this module, which will be our focus for the next three to four weeks (depending on how quickly you 'get it'!). This is a 'learning record' for this part of the Managing Resources module. Use a copy of the record to monitor & check your learning.

Must have a map!