Monday, 17 October 2011

Olympic Tourism

OK folks, Geographylost is back in business!

Research Essay: What might the effect of the London Olympics be on Tourism in the UK in 2012. Consider both the advantages & disadvantages of hosting a major event on the tourist industry. Refer to the effects of other major events as well as speculation & studies about 2012.
Note sources & include pictures/ statistics/ copies of adverts..... You will need to refer to a range of sources to provide a balanced answer.
The learning outcomes are:
WILL be able to list some of the possible impacts of the London Olympics to the Tourist Industry in the UK
SHOULD be able to explain what these effects may occur
MAY be able to use the experience of other Olympic Games (or major events) to support your answer

Try & include a source that could form part of a data response question on event tourism & include it (e.g. graph of tourist income in Sydney in 2000 compared with a non-Olympic year.
The task should be completed using WORD or PUBLISHER.

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